This week I was asked why flaxseeds are so good for you and I didn’t have a particularly good answer so I wanted to do a little research. Here are 5 reasons why….


  1. Flaxseeds are super high in Omega 3 fatty acids – these beauties are one of the most nutritious fats you could eat. In particular it is the ALA (Alpha-linolenic acid) in the flax seeds that have been show to help prevent heart disease and autoimmune diseases. We tend to eat a much higher ratio of Omega 6 (found in vegetable oils) compared to Omega 3 fatty acids so flax seeds are a really simple way to up your Omega 3 intake.


  1. Flaxseeds are powerful antioxidants – they contain lignans which help protect against free radicals which can cause cancer and other diseases.


  1. Flaxseeds could help prevent diabetes – low glycemic index foods (foods that don’t cause a sudden sugar spike) containing fibre have been shown reduce insulin resistance. Diabetes is just one of the many diseases that is caused by insulin resistance.


  1. Flaxseeds are high in fibre – this not only promotes a healthy digestive tract but also lowers LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and therefore helps prevent heart disease.


  1. Flaxseeds help prevent cancer –there has been significant evidence showing that the lignans present in flaxseeds can protect against breast cancer and prostate cancer by interfering with tumour cell growth.


The best way to get all the wonderful nutrients from flaxseeds is to eat them ground rather than whole. Sprinkle them on your porridge, add them to cakes when baking or  to your smoothies.

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