A bit about me….I am 31 years old, I live in London and over two years ago I decided to completely change my direction in life…When I was 23 I jumped head first into the TV industry and my career took off.  I started off as a runner and leaped at every opportunity that came my way.  I climbed the ladder quickly, met incredible people and had a great time.  It was a job that at first I really loved…but after a while, the incredibly long, unpredictable hours completely took over my life. I started to realise that I had become super stressed and quite unhappy.  My head was a bomb constantly exploding with worries and I could never switch off…. I was completely restless and exhausted because actually, I had no time to worry! Various health problems made me think that something had to change. So I decided to quit.

I started to focus on my health and happiness and decided to get fit. I not only loved feeling fit and healthy again but realised that I wanted a career where I could help people feel energised, healthy, mindful, happy about their bodies and their lives. I trained as a personal trainer, I went to Sydney to do my 200 Hour yoga teacher training course & came back to London to complete my Pilates matwork training.

Most of us are asked to make a decision around the age of 20  – pick what you want to do with the rest of your life. It’s kind of crazy really as I, like many of you, was a totally different person aged 20 and how I viewed the world and what I wanted was a completely different story. I was hugely ambitious and thought that to be successful I would have to put work before everything else, I thought that not having any sleep or even any holiday was ok and I even started to give up the idea of ever having a family.  I have completely reevaluated my idea of success and happiness and now know that what I want, and what my body needs, is a balance. I want to be able to have work AND friends and family in my life. Finally now I see, that would be success.

I want to make people feel happy about their bodies, calmer in their minds and I hope to be the support that a few people have been to me in my time of change.